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The Spanish poker market is booming venues like Pokerstars, Bwin SportingBet established in this country for several years thought that this Eldorado would continue for many decades.

However, this Spanish market could soon become a nightmare for rooms already in place in the Iberian Peninsula.

Indeed, an announcement on a future change in the regulation of online poker threatens to scare several online poker sites out of the country.

This is actually a last-minute surprise announcement that requires poker rooms to pay 4 years of taxes. The current government of Mariano Rajoy has informed the sites such as Pokerstars, Bwin SportingBet that they will have to pay taxes on their Spanish activities since 2008. The cost of such a modification could represent 200 million euros for PokerStars, before even to get a license for Bwin SportingBet a cost of 60 50 million euros.

In addition, poker rooms will also be taxed more than 25% on their operating profits. Spanish players are no longer allowed to play on PKR, Paddy Power Poker, Unibet, Bodog on the Microgaming network.

The big winner could be the Groupe Bernard Tapie if he managed to get a license he would not be subject to this retroactive tax has no activated as for present.

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