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Illegal Gambling Operation Said to Be Run By WSOP Finalist

Just when the world of online gambling was settling down from the BetOnSports case and the Gold vs. Leyser WSOP suit, another World Series of Poker finalist had his home raided and much of his property seized by police. The raid was said to be because of an illegal gambling operation that was run from the player’s home.

The player is Richard Lee and the case is peculiar. Lee finished in sixth place at this year’s World Series of Poker main event giving him a $3 million win. Yesterday, his home in San Antonio was raided and his five Lexus’ were towed away along with plasma TV’s and computers.

There is an odd connection with this case to the online gambling world. Supposedly, Lee and his partners accepted bets from others in his city, then placed the wagers online for those players. The name/url of the site Lee used will not be released until later in the week.

The bust is sending shivers down the spines of the online gambling world, especially after the recent arrests of BetOnSports CEO David Carruthers.

Police spokesman for this case, Joe Rios said, “It’s basically what we refer to as a bookie taking bets online and then placing those bets. He’s doing that illegally here in San Antonio instead of Vegas.”

That statement by Rios, along with this statement, “We’re not talking $20 to $30, we?re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars, it was run like an online gambing site,” is what is scaring online gambling operators.

However, analysts believe this is simply a case of illegal gambling which used the internet as a tool.

Another angle to be watched is whether the $3 million winnings Lee won from his finish at the WSOP will be taken away because his $10k buy in to the tournament was made with illegally made money.

No arrest has been made yet, but they are expected.

More coverage of this case will be released as we get it.

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