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Frist Continuing His Push To Eliminate Internet Gambling

Senate Republican Leader Bill Frist is continuing his assault on the online gambling industry, acknowledging that a deal could be hard to strike before lawmakers break at the end of September, but he still believes a law should be passed to outlaw most gambling sites uudet netticasinot.

The bill, which has already passed the House of Representatives, is being opposed vigorously by lobbyists for casino owners and those with dog-racing interests.

The sites themselves would not be illegal but under the bill it would make it illegal for credit card companies and banks to make payments to any of these online sites.

There are many investors around the world keeping a close eye on the outcome of this debate as the United States makes up a large part of the worlds online gambling customers, and with the legal battles going on with Betonsports.com, many investors have already pulled out of the U. S. market.

Many of the people that support the bill say that there is a need to clarify a 1961 federal law banning interstate telephone betting to include online gambling.

Casino Gambling Petition Needs More ‘Live’ Signatures

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A second attempt to collect signatures for a casino gambling petition in Ohio is underway. The goal of the effort is to submit enough signatures to get the new gambling expansion initiative on the November ballot.

The group in charge of the petition, known as Learn and Earn, is promoting a plan to place casino-style gambling slots at 7 horsetracks and 2 other sites in downtown Cleveland. The group originally came up about 9,000 signatures short and has been given more time to gather signatures.

As we reported last month, at least 2 counties in the area rejected a large number of the first sets of signatures, saying some had signatures of deceased voters and others had signatures with similar handwriting listed in alphabetical order as if copied from a voter registration list.

According to one of their spokesmen, Learn and Earn, backed by a group of track owners and casino developers, submitted another 44,000 signatures Tuesday.

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