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Former Sun Cruz Founders Murder Suspects get Bail

Broward circuit judge Michael Kaplan did not find evidence strong enough against James Fiorillo and Anthony Moscatiello to keep them from posting bail.

The accused killers of Konstantinos Boullis, the founder of both Sun Cruz Casino boats and Miami Subs restaurant chain, are going to be released on bail, which is a rarity for accusers facing life in prison for murder.

The ruling could be a glimpse of what’s to come in the case as the judge did not find enough concrete evidence to hold the two men in jail. There is a lack of physical evidence and a lack of consistancy in the evidence that was presented the judge claimed in his written letter.

The two men are not released as of yet as a hearing still has to be scheduled to set to determine the terms of the pre-trial release of the suspects.

Korean Entrepreneur Arrested in Major Gambling Scandal

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Kim Min-seok has been at the forefront of a gambling arcade boom that has been in operation for over a decade, now he might have to pay the price after he was arrested.

Min-seok pannicked feverishly as authotities searched his home looking for evidence to link him to the gambling operation.

As his high rise home was being raided, Mi-seok tried to destroy evidence by trying to throw his computer out the window and attempting to shred evidence.

Although gambling is illegal in South Korea, the arcade business has grown into a $27 billion market in the area.

Gambling laws have been bypassed by developers in the country by giving out gift certificates and other prizes instead of actual money.

Min-seok has been in the industry since he started a string of popular arcade games that grew into a multibillion dollar empire of gambling arcades for himself.


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