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Casino-on-Net’s Online Roulette has the same rules and the same feel as a real casino Roulette game. In Online Roulette, though, you have the choice to play alone or with other online players. Online Roulette features Private, Group, in addition to the Public Tables. Online Roulette public tables can have up to three people playing at the same time. Private Online Roulette tables allow you the choice of playing alone. Group tables allow you to play with up to three members that you choose! If you want to play Online Roulette at the same table with your friends, all you have to do is enter the same table name into the Group Table option on the Casino-on-Net site.

Online Roulette at Casino-on-Net offers players the exact same betting options as a real casino with better odds. Roulette players can wager on a number, color, odds or groups of numbers. The Roulette wheel spins, the ball flies through the spinning wheel, and when it stops, your winnings are automatically deposited into your Casino-on-Net online account.

Casino-on-Net’s online Roulette is extremely easy to play. Our Online Roulette table is the same as the tables found in real casinos. The table contains “0-36” markings for playing your bets, Casino-on-Net does not have a “00” wagering option. The numbers are alternately colored red and black, and the “0” place is green. To play Roulette, you will begin by clicking and dragging chips to the table areas that you wish to bet on. After a set time, a “No More Bets” announcement will appear, and the Online Roulette wheel is spun. When the ball stops on a number, the winnings are added to your Bankroll.

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