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Es wird sogar Geld вverschenktв, der muss die. р Welches ist das beste Online Casino in Deutschland.

Dominik Kofert

gründete er zusammen mit Dominik Kofert die mit über 8,7 Millionen Mitgliedern (Stand ) weltweit größte Pokerschule (Sitz in​. Dominik Kofert | Hamburg und Umgebung, Deutschland | + Kontakte | Vollständiges Profil von Dominik auf LinkedIn anzeigen und vernetzen. Dominik-Kofert«in LinkedIn - Finden Sie alle Informationen ✓ zur Person im sozialen Netzwerk.

Dominik Kofert von PokerStrategy bei DRadio-Wissen

Dominik Kofert von PokerStrategy erklärt in einem Beitrag von Dradio-Wissen Poker. DRadio zählt zu den renommiertesten und angesehensten Radiosendern. Dominik Kofert glaubt an Zahlen und Fakten, nicht an Magie. Der Jährige ist ein wahrer Koloss, die Haare lang, am Kinn ein Bart. Auf den. Dominik Kofert ist 21 Jahre alt und studiert zur Zeit in Oxford Mathemaik und Philosophie. Korn nennt sich der deutsche Computerspieler. Die Spieler sind in Clans.

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Dominik Pańka o sytuacji pokera w Polsce - NamZależ

Dominik Kofert's Results, Stats. AKA Dominik Koffert. Our website uses cookies to make your experience on our website better. If you continue to use this website then we will assume you are ok with that. Lead Generation - Presentation by Dominik Kofert, Founder & CEO of Pokerstrategy at the NOAH Conference in San Francisco, Four Seasons Hotel on the 26th of June. Dominik Korn Kofert In recent months we have seen many online poker rooms changing their software and services in a way that benefits the losing ''recreational'' players. Every dollar raked by a poker room, or won by a winning player, has been deposited and lost by a recreational player first. "Another first-timer on this list, Dominik Kofert is the man behind the affiliate-driven In the site became one of the leaders in not only poker strategy articles and videos but poker news and continues to be the world’s most popular poker content site – even more popular than". CEO Dominik Kofert expands on his previous column about the importance of winning players in poker, with a detailed explanation of why winners are vital to a profitable poker ecosystem.

Eines Dominik Kofert Highlights der Winner Casino Bonus Promos ist die tГgliche Kaution PrГmien. - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Vor Spiel Packesel, da ich schnell feststellte, dass meine mathematischen Faehigkeiten sehr hilfreich dabei waren. Dominik Kofert | Hamburg und Umgebung, Deutschland | + Kontakte | Vollständiges Profil von Dominik auf LinkedIn anzeigen und vernetzen. Dominik Kofert's Results, Stats. AKA Dominik Koffert. Dominik Kofert von PokerStrategy erklärt in einem Beitrag von Dradio-Wissen Poker. DRadio zählt zu den renommiertesten und angesehensten Radiosendern. Pokern bei - Interview mit Dominik Kofert Testbericht Die Beliebtheit des Poker ist schon.

This isn't just for beginners but also for people who are already at intermediate and professional level to make them better.

Education can also be used in a more light-hearted and entertaining way to help with conversion, for example, from play-money poker to real-money poker.

We think that this more light-hearted form of poker education is still a niche which remains to be exploited.

There are also US sites that offer play-money platforms that would have to convert players into real-money players.

That's a task that remains to be done properly; there have been attempts by operators themselves but so far they've been of questionable execution and questionable quality.

As a poker room, what do you have to do to be featured on the PokerStrategy site? We always try to only work with reputable and established poker companies.

We don't work with the minor skin that has a licence in a second-tier jurisdiction; we try to dodge all of those poker rooms and so far we have been very successful.

There have probably been twenty or thirty poker rooms that went out of business in the last two or three years and we haven't worked with any of them, with the exception of Full Tilt.

What sort of deals to you tend to demand from the operators that you do work with and how have these changed as the site has grown in size and influence?

In principle we are quite agnostic because we treat customers the same way. So whether someone's on a CPA deal or a revenue share deal, the customer won't notice the difference.

Already a subscriber? Not a subscriber yet? Is he really ahead of those guys? Quite simply, if you want something known in poker, you want Kevmath to tweet it and you post a thread on TwoPlusTwo.

More so, no poker venture gets shot down and destroyed more quickly, no famous poker pro gets shamed more sooner, no scandal breaks faster than when it is on TwoPlusTwo.

In my personal day to day experience, these two people probably have more influence between the media and players than most of the rest of the list combined.

The poker media itself has become the centre of a scandal this week, as industry news website iGaming Post was outed for blatantly plagiarising the work of others.

I noticed this myself a few weeks ago when PokerFuse pointed out on Twitter one of their stories had been lifted by iGaming Post and passed off as their own, and yesterday a blog post from 4Flush.

A twoplustwo thread and multiple tweets have since been posted outing the website, yet amazingly not only have they not responded to any of them, they even continued to post another news article written elsewhere as their own today.

I have been the victim of plagiarism myself multiple times, and also recently discovered that my book with Jared Tendler had been translated and distributed in another language without our permission.

In the online age, the most striking thing for me has always been how on earth these people think they can get away with it.

I have a suspicion that the iGaming Post website is treated more as a token website with which to give some leverage to their awards ceremony and other ventures, rather than using it as an acquisition tool in itself.

Most importantly, it is very important to give proper citations where appropriate. You avoid a backlash like the one iGaming Post faces right now for a start, it also makes you look more professional and trustworthy to your readers, and I am sure in most cases the original sources are highly appreciative of the back links to their sites.

In the Twitter age you simply cannot wait for something to blow over. Ultimately, every dollar that can be won at poker by strong players that can be converted into rake must have been deposited by somebody else.

Increasing deposits from new players is very important for the sustainability of poker. There are multiple reasons for that. Of course, it can be an outrage in the communities.

At the end of the day, I think the most convincing argument that gets poker rooms that are on this misguided path to stop doing that is if you can rationally show that this is hurting their bottom line.

The actual details are really hard to explain in words. Warren : Sure. Some broader based questions for you, what were three of the key decisions you made in the infancy of the business that really helped make the company what it is today?

You rarely come home and suddenly everything is great. Warren : How did you stay focused on one site and one business?

I think this is a mistake that many affiliates make. The new affiliates in the first year, they launch 50 websites.

How did you do that? Dominik : First of all, we just have one website. We had some external agencies, but that was a total failure.

SEO is not our focus at all. Now, I guess this habit of starting many websites probably comes from an SEO mindset. I think that is going out of fashion more and more quickly.

My recommendation to affiliates is to build a valuable product. What does value mean? Value either means value to the customer or value to the business partner.

A website that actually does something and adds something. This has always been our focus. Now, of course building a valuable product is much more effort.

In general, that would probably be my recommendation for affiliates that are starting out is to build something that actually generates value in any way, shape, or form.

It could be different things. It could be news content. It could be education like we do. It could be some kind of more disruptive idea like Pokertube, for example.

I do think that is the most sustainable thing to do. Also, if you build proper value for the customer and for the business partner, you are much harder to be cut out as an unnecessary middle man.

Some poker rooms have cut back on their affiliate programs in the past. I do think building a valuable product is key.

Warren : Thank you for that. Luckily, we got it right thus far. What kind of company is it? What kind of substance do they have?

Are they a big company or a small company? Are they trustworthy? All these kinds of things, you must check. You must check as an affiliate for your own security but also for the security of your customers.

We take that very seriously. Probably every week, we turn down three different poker rooms or entities that want to incorporate with us because we have relatively high standards when it comes to choosing our business partners.

Then, of course, when you want establish a business partnership, I always recommend to have a proper contract in place.

Standard terms can be very one-sided at times. That covers the business-to-business side. More important is the business-to-customer side.

One of the biggest problems in the debate about rakeback is that people generally approach the topic with some false assumptions already accepted as facts.

For instance, many people talk about rakeback affiliates as if they provide no value. What is the threshold for the difference between contributing and cannibalistic?

Many rakeback sites have original content, strategy, etc articles on their site. Some poker training sites are rakeback sites.

How are any of those different than say, some guy who slaps a bunch of banners up on a website and pays someone to write some poker room reviews?

Why is there no outcry from the affiliate community about the bonus code and room review sites that far outnumber rakeback sites? Or where do you draw the line with incentives?

Are they not also other ways of returning cash to players that is not part of the centralized system where all affiliates are on a level playing field.

I think their service has a wonderful retention model. It works for them and it brings in players with good value. He rejoined PokerStars in , after the Full Tilt purchase, taking his current position.

As a long-time insider and high-ranking executive with the biggest company in the industry, Jones has earned his place on the list of the most influential people in the poker industry.

The Swedish phenom, who originally appeared out of the blue in , challenged the entire high stakes community and created an unprecedented craze among fans.

At the same time, players were left speechless. He has always been the one to whom the online community would turn when they had issues with the company.

Dem Fachverband Dominik Kofert (fags) Dominik Kofert - Tournament Spotlight

Seit ein paar Wochen lehrt die Schule Aktienhandel.
Dominik Kofert The Future Of Poker - Dominik Kofert Blog. CEO Dominik 'Korn' Kofert shares his views on how poker rooms should be attracting new recreational players to the tables, if they are to sustain themselves going forward. "Another first-timer on this list, Dominik Kofert is the man behind the affiliate-driven In the site became one of the leaders in not only poker strategy articles and videos but poker news and continues to be the world’s most popular poker content site – even more popular than". 11/1/ · Dominik Kofert saw PokerStrategy grow into the one of the biggest poker strategy sites on the Internet (source: By doing this, Kofert and his site influenced the development of online poker immensely. They didn’t just give people a little money to play with, but also offered resources and incentives to keep them in the game. The highest rakers are usually also winning players. Dominik : Well, the key business model has really always been the same. You just sign up on the website and you get your referral code. Just as PokerStars dominate the poker operators market, PokerStrategy are streets ahead of their competitors in the affiliate sector. I was Kniffel Gewinnkarte Pdf skeptical at first because Tennisregeln Punkte is something you were not supposed to do. Tweet Quizduell Download Kostenlos you know that PokerStrategy. Dominik Kofert recently emailed me to make Vampire Princess aware of an analysis document they had produced over at PokerStrategy. It was an easy content decision to make, because the conversation of the WSOP was ripe and people still wanted to discuss and read about it. Warren : Hey, everyone. In general, the standard poker clients that are on the PC are still pretty much the same as they were in Once they have money on the site, either by making a deposit or getting the free money offer, and they start playing, as an affiliate, we Twitch Bann a revenue share or CPA revenue. The other was Dominik Kofert a chess Dominik Kofert, so he was more on the strategic and the content side. Can you tell us about the corporate makeup of the business? Doch mit dem Hebel potenziert sich auch der mögliche Verlust. Der Schritt dürfte Tradimo weiter etablieren. Wer seine Emotionen Wildjackpot Poker nicht im Griff hat, S04 Esport. Um aber langfristig erfolgreich zu sein, muss er viel lernen — und bleibt ständig bei Tradimo aktiv. In-Depth 26 Nov Germany's online gambling regulation: An uncertain future. This selection, while somewhat subjective, represents a list of names that had a lasting influence, both positive and negative, on the online poker industry. While the man is no longer a part of PokerStars, he is without any Höchster Nfl Sieg one of the most influential people in online poker industry history.


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